Tibetan Terrier

Anyone who is lucky enough to own or work with a Tibetan Terrier cannot help but be captivated by this intelligent, friendly little dog. The name of this breed is somewhat misleading as the Tibetan Terrier is part of the Utility Group rather than a genuine Terrier. These dogs are originally from Tibet, where they are known as Tsang Apso (shaggy dog) or Dokhi Apso (outdoor dog). European visitors to Tibet nicknamed the dogs Tibetan Terriers, perhaps in reference to their feisty nature and robust disposition. Today, the breed is an extremely popular choice with dog owners as well as a highly desirable dog for showing.

Breed Characteristics

Tibetan Terriers are usually between 14 to 16 inches high at the shoulder and have quite a stocky build and a characteristic “square” silhouette. They have a long, thick coat which may be wavy. The coat comprises two layers; a short, thick undercoat then longer, coarser hair over the top. This gives great warmth and care must be taken to ensure these dogs don’t overheat, particularly during the warmer months. The hair normally covers the face, but long eyelashes keep it from obstructing vision. The breed can come in a variety of colours, with gold being the rarest. A good example of the breed will have a black nose and dark eyes. Usually they live to around...

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