The lineage of the Bloodhound traces back to feudal France where they were used for the purposes of trailing deer and boar. Highly agile and clever, the Bloodhound has a strong sense of smell and is often employed in high-priority tasks like law enforcement and rescue missions. Owing to this fierce background and personality of the Bloodhound, he has often been depicted in the media as a ferocious and doggedly focussed trail dog. However, this only covers about half of a Bloodhound’s true personality.

While it is true that this breed is an indomitable force to be reckoned with, the furrowed hound is, in fact, very gentle and friendly. The Bloodhound is from the Sagaces group of canines, meaning “sagacious.” The word refers to his smartness and ability to sniff out the subtlest targets. The Bloodhound’s skills are so highly valued and well-recognised that their testimony is valid in the court of law. As a family pet, the Bloodhound requires great amount of care and time.

Physique and Personality

A fully-grown adult male Bloodhound will come to be around 25 to 27 inches tall and weighs 90 to 110 pounds. An adult female is about 23 to 25 inches and weighs 80 to 100 pounds. The...

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