The Shiba, or Shiba Inu (Inu being "dog" in Japanese) is a small breed of dog that was originally developed for the purpose of hunting; as such, it performs well over mountainous terrain. It falls into the Spitz type of breeds, being one of the oldest types of dog breed in existence and dating back thousands of years.

Originating in Japan, the first known instance of the Shiba reaching foreign shores was when a family brought one of the dogs to the United States. In the 70s, the first litter of Shibas to be recorded was born.

Appearance and Physique

The breed is small, but with a strong, muscular frame. Typically, males come in at 35 - 43 cm in height at their withers. Females are a little shorter, at 33 - 41 cm. In terms of show dogs, a mid-range size is preferable for each gender. Weight on average is around 22 pounds for a male, and 18 pounds for a female.

The Shiba sports a double coat, with the outer consisting of straight, stiff hair, and the undercoat being thicker, softer fur. The hair on the...

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