Bull Terrier

With its unique egg-shaped head and constant quizzical expression, the bullterrier may fool some people into believing that it is of below average intelligence, which is probably what it is aiming for. It is certainly a good strategy if this dog constantly needs to be forgiven for the short-lived periods of insanity that seems unique to its breed. From a rocketing start, this animal will race around the house at breakneck speed, narrowly avoiding fatal collisions with furniture or any other obstacle in its path, and then return to its original position at its stunned owner’s feet and simply lie there grinning. This manic behaviour needs to be treated with the utmost suspicion, because the bullterrier is, in fact, a highly intelligent animal.

Physical Characteristics

The size and weight of a bullterrier can vary quite substantially, but they generally stand approximately 22 inches tall at the shoulder, and can weigh anywhere between 35 and 75 pounds: Most of this is solid muscle. Besides the head being shaped like an egg, the skull is almost flat and the under-jaw is deep and powerful. The bullterrier also has small, triangular and deep set eyes that are unique to the breed. Its coat is short, flat and wiry and can be a variety of colours, including solid white, often with patches of colour.


The bullterrier is often compared to a high-spirited child that needs consistent, but reward-based correction to its...

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