German Longhaired Pointer

German longhaired pointer, known better by its initials GLP, is a breed dog breed closely related to German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). As its name suggests, the German longhaired pointing dog was developed in Germany and was used majorly as a pointer. The original breed was quite slow, temperamental and stubborn. These undesirable qualities were done away with in the 19th century when it was crossed with English pointers. This crossing had the desired effect of increasing its speed as well as developing in it a friendly and steady temperament. When it was decided that GLPs could only be white-and-brown, other breeds were developed from the GLP that were of different colours. For example, the ancestors of the Large Munsterlander are GLPs that were of black-and-white strain.


The German longhaired pointer is very muscular, athletic and elegant. It is, however, not bulky. Its weight is around 66 pounds (30 kilograms). Its length ranges from 24-28 inches for male and 23-26 inches for females at the wither. It moves very fast and with a lot of freedom. Just like their cousin, the German shorthaired pointer, the German longhaired pointer has webbed feet. When moving around, their strides are long and are made with a lot of freedom.
Its coat measures about 1.2 to 2 inches long on the body. With feathering, the coat is usually longer. The coat is firm, slightly wavy and shiny. Its undercoat is dense but not so dense as to prevent guard hairs from standing...

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