Welsh Springer Spaniel

Medium-sized dogs, most well-known for their role as gundogs, Welsh springer spaniels are good natured and intelligent. They make good family pets as well as working dogs. However, as any dog with a strong sense of self and independent nature, Welsh springer spaniel requires a strong dominant owner who can display good leadership qualities.

A dog with personality

Welsh springer spaniels are a loyal and loving breed that will develop a strong connection to their owner. Females tend to have a more independent nature which borders on being obstinate. Both male and female dogs, however, have boundless energy, and there is a constant risk of destructive behaviour if they are not kept exercised and stimulated. When hunting they can become a little too engrossed and wander too far; this is best stopped through early training. They require calm but authoritative leadership, since the hunting instinct is never far from the forefront of their minds.

Pedigree and breeding

The Welsh springer spaniel is closely related to both the...

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