Austrian Pinscher

The Austrian Pinscher is sometimes also known as the Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher - or in its native country, simply as the ‘Ö-Pi’! It was formally classified as a breed in the 1920s. However, dogs of this distinctive build, habit and temperament had kept watch over the rural homesteads of their native territory for many years or even centuries before that, their sharp bark and keenly protective sense making them natural choices to patrol and protect.

The Austrian Pinscher at its best

A faithful part of the working farm – and, until recently, a familiar figure there – Austrian Pinschers was originally the classic country dog. Good ratters were particularly highly prized (their name means ‘biter’ in German), but these dogs are capable of deterring the bigger intruders lurking around the hen coop, threatening the flock or prowling around house and home.

These are guard dogs par excellence, relying on the key canine attributes of hearing and smell. Quick to react to unusual sounds in their vicinity, and ready to demonstrate their bravery, they are at their best in environments where this alertness and detection are genuinely...

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