St. Bernhard

The Saint Bernhard, St. Barnhardshund, Alpine Mastiff or Bernhardiner is known as a gentle giant among dogs, with its quiet, placid nature and its impressive stature. The breed was originally used in rescue operations at the Great St. Bernard Hospice in Switzerland. Its legendary bravery caught the attention of the masses when films were made depicting St. Bernard hounds rescuing stranded travellers in the Alps with their iconic barrel collars. These ingenious collars had the double role of deflecting a deadly bear’s blow to the neck, and offering the rescued traveller some blood-warming spirit.

Given their sociable, pleasant and quiet nature, Saint Bernhards make wonderful family friends and will enjoy an indoor life, alongside their companions. Due to their size, it is best to offer them access to a yard or garden throughout the day. They require space, and so should not be confined to a small apartment. If a yard is beyond the owner’s means, then a good daily workout is essential. They don’t require too much walking and they can easily become exhausted in hot weather. They thrive in cold climate and they love the snow.

Their size and disposition make St. Bernhards unsuitable for owners with high standards in terms of tidiness. They shed a good deal of hair and their overly...

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