The Italian Spinone is a pointer, retriever and hunter par excellence, even under trying conditions and harsh terrains. A calm and friendly companion dog, the Spinone is a curious onlooker and not really a protective breed. Some of them do, of course, defend the family when explicitly attacked.


The ancestry of this reportedly Italian “all-purpose” hunting dog is at best a calculated guess. Believed to be the cross of identifiable breeds such as the French Griffon, White Mastiff and Italian Setter, later bred with dogs from the Adriatic coast and those abandoned by Greek traders, the origins aren’t quite clear. The breed was later redeveloped by committed breeders after 1950 to result in descendants with enhanced sense of smell and hunting abilities. The present-day Spinone is a pet as well as a spirited hunting dog.


The Spinone is an enthusiastic, friendly, robust, intelligent, and extrovert breed that mingles well with humans and other pets. Tolerant...

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