English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer spaniel is considered to be the original hunting spaniel, used from as early as the sixteenth century to flush game into nets. Cocker and Springer spaniels were often born in the same litters and denominated simply by size of the puppy. A significant interest was taken in the breed by nobility, particularly in Shropshire and in Norfolk where a Duke’s degree of involvement and interest led to one line of the breed taking the Norfolk name during the mid nineteenth century. The English Springer spaniel was officially recognised as a distinct breed by the Kennel Club in 1902.

A medium sized and compact dog, this breed of spaniel has a medium length coat which requires regular brushing and grooming - especially in the show type, which has longer fur and ears which are more pendant. Although there are a few exceptions, a field or working dog would probably not win in a modern show - and conversely, a show dog would be most unlikely to compete well with its working rivals in field trials.

Show dogs are generally more docile and make good household pets, especially in cities and apartments. They usually have a sociable and friendly temperament and love everyone, doing best with owners who provide them with consistent rules and boundaries. Sometimes, problems can...

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