This classic working dog is very friendly and makes a great pet. With good training and care the Boerboel displays a friendly and kind temperament that makes it a joy to be around.


This classic South African breed is a real breeding success story and the Boerboel has been developed over the years to bring out its excellent muscle tone and strength. The Boerboel is believed to descend from a bullenbijet, which was brought to the Cape by Jan van Riebeeck. When British settlers arrived in the Cape in 1820 they brought a number of strong and large dogs with them such as the Mastiff and the Bulldog. This resulting breed is also known as Boerdogs and were crossbred with the English Bulldog as well as the Bull Mastiff in the 1950s.

Body Type

This strong and large dog is very intelligent and features good muscle development combined with buoyant movement. Sexuality...

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