Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog

The Hungarian Wire-haired pointer was developed in the 1930s by two pointer kennel owners, who were looking to breed a pointer with a heavier coat and stronger frame, to make a breed more suitable for the cold weather and harsh winters they were experiencing in Hungary at the time, as well as retrieving game from icy water. Breeding records from around this time show the addition of bloodhound and Irish setter blood during the years of the second world war, and the subsequent breeding of the most heavily coated offspring was largely responsible for the breed as we know it today. The breed was not recognised in Europe until 1986 and was not introduced to America until the 1970s. The Hungarian Wire-haired pointer is still a relatively small breed today, with only around 300 dogs in the USA and 3000 dogs worldwide. Today, they make excellent all-round hunting dogs.

A beautiful, graceful, noble dog, the Hungarian Wire-haired pointer is a beautiful dog, with a high carriage and a distinctive bushy beard and eyebrows. Their coat is thick and able to cope with even the harshest climates, and they are physically hardy and not prone to illness or sickness.

These dogs are famed for their steady temperament, but they are not calm, lazy dogs by any means. However, they are not aggressive at all and can safely be integrated into the family home alongside children and other pets. They make ideal companions for outdoorsy families or those who live in the country. They do not like to be confined to a crate or kennels, as they are very affectionate and prefer to...

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