Catalonian Sheepdog

The Catalonian Sheepdog is known for its loyalty and as an ideal companion for someone. The intelligence of the Catalonian sheepdog serves it, and its owners, extremely well. This is especially useful since the breed is pastoral. For breeders this is important to take into consideration as his breed is used to outdoor work with other animals, as the name will suggest. Due to this, the sheepdog has a coat of medium length which provides protection against the conditions while work is being done outside. The medium length coat will require grooming and maintenance at least once a week. Proper care of the coat is important not only for the dog’s wellbeing, as dirt and other various debris stuck in the coat can cause irritation and infection, but also to keep your home clean and mess free too.

This brings us onto the next point, which is that of where the Catalan Sheepdog is best placed to live. Breeders will be aware that this breed is of the smaller variety in the dog world. The smaller to medium size of dog is ideally suited to the smaller house, as it will not pose a threat to ornaments and other breakables. Equally, this dog makes for a great family pet. The Catalan Sheepdog thrives on attention and stimulation, the likes of which children can deliver all too well at times. Self-evident from the nature of the pastoral breed group to which his dog belongs, the breed is very lively and has a bountiful amount of energy to expend. Children are great for helping expend this...

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