Český strakatý pes

The Ceský Strakatý Pes, affectionately called a ‘strakaci’ in its native Czech Republic, is also known as the Czech Spotted Dog or Bohemian Spotted Dog. Its background is unusual as it originates from a laboratory where it was bred specifically for medical and genetic research. Today it has become popular as a pet, due its intelligence, sociable nature and attractive spotted coat, and its numbers are gradually increasing.

Pedigree and Breeding

Few dogs’ ancestry can be traced as accurately as the Czech Spotted Dog. It was created in the 1950s in the laboratory of Frantisek Horak. This Czech scientist used the dogs for medical experiments such as kidney transplants and to research epilepsy and genetic illnesses. The original Horak Laboratory Dogs were the result of breeding a female Riga with a male Misi in 1954. Their offspring underwent further selective breeding which resulted in a new breed with a brown coat and spotted markings. Horak’s laboratory was the only place where the dog was seen, apart from an appearance at a 1961 dog show, until a litter was raised by a private breeder in 1981. Czech...

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