close extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 4th generation 5th generation
Tatong's Spy In The Sky
Tatong's The Crooner
Kisamba's Alarming Charm
Selendia Galaxy Kid
Tatong's Notorius
Tatong's The Excorcist
Tatong's Irish Coffee
Tasdale Kraka Kid
Selendia Disco Dancer
Sherex Red Revolution
Tatong's Reg Mg
The Farm's One Hell Of A Devil
Tatong's Red Orient Ruby
Selendia Galaxy Kid
Tatong's Bloody Mary
Twee-dle-dee Laughing Face
Tasdale Last Laugh
Twee-dle-dee Makes People Talk
Ferneaux Food F Thought
Tasdale Tuffin Up
Jaskarin Raikulipoika
Twee-dle-dee Take All Of Me
Frederick Fame N Fortune
Nukanmanu Lady Gaye
Regisvista Krakajak
Tasdale Blue Blazer
Eager April Thunder
Bluepepper's Tara Tammybear
St.cape's Black Bumpkin
All The Best