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Freestyler Red Sensation von Sumelocenna
Laetare Be Just
  • Laetare Be Just
  • 12.02.2000
  • VDH/ZBrH BOC 5967
  • Free registration
  • Border Collie
  • HD A
Sherry of Driffield
Laetare Master Class
Jane at Germal Laetare
Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye
Mist ISDS 203.285
Brooksbid Country Classic
Croxlea Margaret At Laetare
Mirk ISDS 185537
Jess ISDS 205205
Sadghyl Cairn
Beck ISDS 165084
Spot ISDS 182249
Fly ISDS 187254
Wjnessa of Kate's Sam vom Beutenhof
Sam of the racy Kate vom Beutenhof
Maid from scottish Roy vom Beutenhof
Bill of Kilmarnock
Kate of Headshaw
Roy Of Dalmillington
Grimhillcottage's Veronique
Bwlch Taff
Sal ISDS 139356
Spot ISDS 161819
Gael ISDS 189.756
Spot ISDS 161819
Kylie ISDS 193354
Batavia's Cap II
Detania Toebi