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Ottercap Too Good To Be True
Double Scotch
  • Double Scotch
  • 8. Mar 1990
  • KCSB 3507CA
  • Free registration
  • Border Terrier
Ottercap The Look
Scots Guardsman
Pontbeck Bonny Hinny
Redrob Jack the Knight
Ottercap Shot of Love
Norstan Kalico Kid
Border Mist
Thoraldby Tiptoes
Canny Crack of Pontbeck
Gibas Kardemumma
Redrob True Joy
Rhozzum Tenor
Ottercap Red-Rat
Trientalis Corona
Foxforest Flying Colours
Trientalis Faderuttan
Ashbrae Archie
  • Ashbrae Archie
  • 23. May 2003
  • KCR T3344601T03
  • Free registration
  • Border Terrier
Foxforest Clear to Fly
Trientalis Faganz
Trientalis Teodora
Beenaben Bertie
Ashbrae Young Fay
Double Scotch
Digbrack Candy Tuft
Tallarnas Fant Omen
Trientalis Gozy
Trientalis Nobilitet
Trientalis Abeceleste