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Doberman Mixed breed
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We offer interesting pedigree combination of two German Dobermans with excellent working lines. . The bloodline is diverse, with a low coefficient of inbreeding and particularly interesting because it does not include the lines of del Rio Bianco or del Citone, which adds an interesting aspect to the breeding. . We try to give our puppies the best possible start in life, starting with prenatal development and continuing with the correct nutrition of their mother (RAW diet). From the early stage of conception until they are ready to leave our care, we pay great attention to ensure that our puppies grow up to be representatives of Dobermans with the athletic appearance described in the breed standard, who have an athletic spirit and temperament Our Doberman puppies are suitable for active individuals or families looking for a loyal, intelligent and versatile companion with great potential for sports and other activities. With the right care, training and diet, these puppies can make wonderful lifelong companions. Breeding with respect. Some of our progeny: Dark Diamond di Brittasgang 13,8 y.o. (still alive) Dolce Britta di Brittasgang 13,2 y.o. Afroditha di Brittasgang 14 y.o. Angie di Brittasgang y.o.

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