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Litter plan for Circle von Malihattan and Arizona vom blonden Gift

Kennel :
von Malihattan
Contact persons:
Vincent Helbing
Nina Helbing
Telephone number:
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Mobile number:
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Puppy location:
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Circle von Malihattan


Arizona vom blonden Gift


Kennel von Malihattan


Inbreeding coefficient / Ancestor loss coefficient

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Line breeding

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Pedigree of Circle von Malihattan and Arizona vom blonden Gift

+extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Circle von Malihattan (ML)
  • 05.03.2015

  • VDH/DMC 15/0064

  • Free registration

  • HD-A2, ED-0, SDCA2-T/T, SDCA1-T/T , Dilute-D/D, DM-N/N, Testicles normal, DNA available, Scissor bite, LTV-0, complete, Spondy-0

  • Auzzy Ostraryka (ML)
  • 26.06.2010, CMKU BOM 4852/10/12

  • Free registration
  • HD-A/A ED-0/0

  • Malimaniac's Acapella (ML)
  • 26.09.2008, VDH 08/147 0277

  • Free registration
  • HD-A1, ED-0, Spondy-0, LTV-0, HD-A ED-0 Spondy frei, SDCA1+2 (free by Parents)

  • Arizona vom blonden Gift (ML)
  • 28.12.2017

  • VDH/DMC 17/0296

  • Free registration

  • HD-B1, ED-0, Spondy-0, LTV-0, SDCA1-T/C , SDCA2-T/T, DNA available, Scissor bite

  • Diesel Betkin dvor (ML)
  • 23.05.2014, SHBS 740414

  • Free registration
  • HD-A2, ED-GF, SDCA2-T/T, Spond.frei/ÜGW-frei, SDCA1-frei