Litter plan for Eragon Lisci vrch and Army vom Tracondorf

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Matthias Schlögl
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Eragon Lisci vrch


Army vom Tracondorf


Kennel Malinois vom Tracondorf


Inbreeding coefficient / Ancestor loss coefficient

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Pedigree of Eragon Lisci vrch and Army vom Tracondorf

+extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Eragon Lisci vrch (ML)
  • 22. Jul 2018

  • SPKP 5029

  • Free registration

  • HD-A1, ED-0, LTV-0, OCD-free, CES-free, CACA/CA4-N/N, DM-N/N, SDCA1-N/N, SDCA2-N/m, Testicles normal, Dilute-D/D, CJM-N/m

  • Galant vom Adlerauge (ML)
  • 30. Nov 2007,  VDH/DMC 07/408

  • Free registration
  • HD-A1, ED-0, Fertile, Testicles normal, DNA available, SDCA1-N/N, SDCA2-N/N

  • Bella Lisci vrch (ML)
  • 9. Apr 2013,  SPKP 3663

  • Free registration
  • DNA available, Spondy-0, ED-0, HD-A1

  • Army vom Tracondorf (ML)
  • 18. May 2020

  • ÖHZB MALI 5292

  • Free registration

  • HD-A1, ED-0, LTV-0, SDCA1-N/N by parentage, SDCA2-N/N by parentage, DNA available, Dilute-D/D, CJM-N/N, CACA/CA4-N/N, SDCA1-N/N, SDCA2-N/N, DM-N/DM, CES-free

  • Lasco vom Satansberg (ML)
  • 21. May 2014,  ÖHZB MALI 3799

  • Free registration
  • HD-A1, ED-0, LTV-0, Testicles normal, SDCA2-N/N, SDCA1-N/N, Dilute-D/D, DNA available

  • Piper von Nacheron (ML)
  • 4. Nov 2017,  ÖHZB MALI 4664

  • Free registration
  • HD-A1, ED-0, LTV-0, CES-free, DNA available, SDCA1-N/N, SDCA2-N/N, Dilute-D/D, CACA/CA4-N/N, CJM-N/N, DM-N/N, Scissor bite