Breed Belgian Tigers Kayo and Bianei Severní Procyon

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Kennel :
Red Element
Contact person:
Karin Falcová
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Belgian Tigers Kayo


Bianei Severní Procyon


Kennel Red Element


Inbreeding coefficient / Ancestor loss coefficient

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  • C Wurf Red Element 1 week old

    C Wurf Red Element 1 week old

  • C Wurf Red Element

    C Wurf Red Element

  • Litter

    Litter "C" two weeks old

  • Litter

    Litter "C" names

  • Litter

    Litter "C" three weeks old

  • Litter

    Litter "C" 4 weeks old

Pedigree of Belgian Tigers Kayo and Bianei Severní Procyon

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1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Belgian Tigers Kayo (ML)
  • 11. Nov 2015

  • VDH/BSD 15ML0280

  • Free registration

  • DNA available, complete, Level bite, Testicles normal, SDCA2-N/N, ED-0, Spondy-0, SDCA1-N/N, HD-A2, Dilute-D/D, CJM-N/N, CA4-N/N, LTV-0

  • Bianei Severní Procyon (BSD)
  • 27. Aug 2014

  • CMKU/BOM 7296/14

  • Free registration

  • CJM-N/N, HD-A1, ED-0, SDCA1-N/m, SDCA2-N/N, complete, Scissor bite, HD A/A, ED 0/0, SA- 0, OCD - Frei, SDCA1 T/C, SDCA2 T/T, CJM - N/N ( free)

Events of Belgian Tigers Kayo

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