Litter plan for Ayden vom Scheinwerferberg and Working Stripes Beiwe

Kennel :
Kennel Working Stripes / Tiina Vartiainen
Contact person:
Tiina Vartiainen
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Ayden vom Scheinwerferberg


Working Stripes Beiwe


Kennel Working Stripes


Inbreeding coefficient / Ancestor loss coefficient

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Pedigree of Ayden vom Scheinwerferberg and Working Stripes Beiwe

+extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Ayden vom Scheinwerferberg (KH)
  • 3. Apr 2018

  • VDH/HSCD 18/171 00808

  • Free registration

  • DM N/N, Brindle Kbr/Kbr, HD A1/A1, ED0/0, LÜW0, SDCA1 free, SDCA2

  • Gasira von der Herdergang (KH)
  • 20. Jan 2011, VDH/HSCD 11/171R00153

  • Free registration
  • Brindle: Genotyp Kbr/Kbr, HD A1, ED 0/0, DNA, LÜW Grad 0, DM N/N, SDCA 1 N/N, SDCA 2 N/N

  • Working Stripes Beiwe (KH)
  • 18. Mar 2019

  • FI 23795/19

  • Free registration

  • HD-A1, ED-0, Spondy-0, LTV-1, LTV1, VA0, Official eye control, helfty eyes, SDCA1 N/ N, SDCA 2 N/N, carrier for yellow gene

  • Working Stripes A Loki (KH)
  • 21. Aug 2015, FI 48934/15

  • Free registration
  • B/B , 0/0 , DM N/N , LTV (normal) SPO (free) VA (normal)testicles normal , patellar luxation 0/0 , no evidence of inherited eye diseases , cardiac health certificate no symptoms