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Litter plan for Belgian Tigers Jakob and Belgian Tigers Donnerlittchen

Kennel :
Belgian Tigers
Contact person:
Heike Johannsen
Telephone number:
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Mobile number:
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Puppy location:
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Belgian Tigers Jakob


Belgian Tigers Donnerlittchen


Kennel Belgian Tigers


Inbreeding coefficient / Ancestor loss coefficient

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Line breeding

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Pedigree of Belgian Tigers Jakob and Belgian Tigers Donnerlittchen

+extended pedigree
1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation
  • Belgian Tigers Donnerlittchen (ML)
  • 13.12.2012

  • VDH/BSD 12ML0231

  • Free registration

  • HD-A2, ED-0, SDCA1-T/T , SDCA2-T/T, DNA available, Dilute-D/D, Scissor bite

  • Thor vom Greifenring (ML)
  • 19.07.2007, VDH 07/1 0175

  • Free registration
  • HD-A1 ED/Spondy o.B./ SDCA1 frei

  • Emmely von der Wolfsdelle (ML)
  • 25.01.2008, DMC 08/084

  • Free registration
  • HD-B1, ED-0, Spondy-0, HD-B ED-0 Spondy frei, SDCA1-TT (frei)